Kick-off online meeting. Starting the ISTEDU project. The partners introduced themselves and the mechanics of the project and the intellectual results were presented.

The meeting also had a face-to-face part

Day 1-20th January 2021

09:30 AM Welcome partners
09:35 AM Partners Presentation (All Partners, 10′ aprox. per partner, including videos, etc.)
10:30 AM Overview of KA2 Projects.
10:45 AM Management Plan. Partners’ Communication Plan
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:20 AM Grant Agreement, Partners’ Agreement
11:40 AM ISTEDU Project Description. Work Plan. Timeline.
00:00 PM Budget Categories. Financial Rules. Justification.
00:30 PM Dissemination & Explotation
01:00 PM Lunch Time
03:00 PM Description of Intellectual Outputs.
04:30 PM Partners’ questions
05:00 PM End of first day

Day 2-21st January 2021

09:00 AM Activities to develop per partner. Discussion.
10:15 AM Briefing for visual thinking tools.
11:00 AM Coffee Break.
11:20 AM Quality Plan. Monitoring&Assessment.
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:40 AM Fix Date of next meeting. Summarizing activities for coming months. Deadline for delivery.
00:00 PM Quality Questionnaire.
00:15 PM End of meeting.

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Kick-Off Meeting IES MEDITERRANEO, Salobreña (Spain)

Day 16st November 2021

09:30 AM Welcome partners
09:45 AM Coffee Break
10:15 AM Administrative issues ( Resumen del proyecto, estado económico, calendario de actividades,diseminación)
11:00 AM Breakout activities
11:45 AM Implementation of the activities carried out
12:30 AM Question’s Partners
13:00 AM Visit to the Town Hall
13:45 PM Lunch
15:00 PM Dissemination & Explotation
18:30 PM Finish first day

Day 17st November 2021

08:30 AM Tour of granada
18:00 AM Finish second day

Day 18st November 2021

09:30 AM 3-D design and printing
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:20 AM Timetable for students’ mobilities
12:00 AM Creating mobile apps
14:00 AM Official lunch
15:45 AM Finish third day

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