3rd Transnational meeting Bucharest. 

In this part of the project ISTEDU, was made the meeting in Bucharest.


Day 3rd May 2022 (Spanish Time)

15:30 Welcome Partners
15:45 Administrative issues (Summary of the project, economic status, calendar of activities, dissemination, next steps with activities)
16:45 Table of implementations to carry out the activities of other partners on Educational Breakout, Educational Robotics and Educational Drones.
18:00 End first day

Day 4th May 2022 (Spanish Time)

10:00 coffee with partners
10:45 Review and explain all of activities about the intellectual outputs
12:30 Lunch time
14:30 Date of the next training/meeting
15:00 Question’s partners
15:30 Certificates
16:00 End second day
18:00 Official dinner

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